Semi-commercial stack Dryer/Dryers

Easy to install, our (semi-)commercial stack dryer/dryers offer the best of IPSO‘s commercial laundry dryers‘s innovative features, while helping you saving floor space.

The range of IPSO double stack (semi-)commercial dryers give you twice the drying capacity in the floor space of a single unit. They’re also built to last longer with superior mechanics that handle more wear and tear.

Both dryers have a capacity of 8,2 KG.

IPSO double stack commercial dryers


  • Durable Design: a solid frame and durable machine components are designed to handle commercial wear and tear for years to come.
  • Large Door Opening: one of the largest door openings in the industry makes loading and unloading easy.
  • More Capacity: deep cylinders in each dryer accommodate larger loads.
  • Efficient Dryer Heating: high efficiency heating with 22,500 BTU (gas models) make drying laundry fast and more efficient.
  • Coin-operated version available