You know Facilities Management.
We know laundry.
Let’s get together!

IPSO is committed to help Facilities Managers to plan, design, install, and maintain an integrated laundry solution

Serving the Facilities Management sector for more than 40 years, we know the challenges your business faces every day.

Facility Managers are multi-disciplined professionals whose expertise spans many areas to support the corebusiness of an organisation. They ensure their clients have the most suitable working environment for their employees and their activities. Increasingly, their role has expanded beyond the ‘traditional’ into new areas, including cleaning and security. More recently it has expanded again to include laundry.

The laundry partner Facilities Managers can rely on

In every case, Facilities Managers need to work with partners they can trust. And when it comes to laundry, there is none better than IPSO.

We can help you to plan, design, install and maintain an integrated laundry solution, providing a world-class laundry service while freeing you to focus on more value-added activities.

IPSO has the knowhow to help you:

  • Maintain the highest hygienic standards
  • Create and control specific wash and dry programmes
  • Reduce the risk of cross-contamination in the mosthygiene-sensitive environments (e.g. hospitals)
  • Lengthen the lifespan of cleaning mops and cloths

Read more in the Facility Management segment brochure or contact your local IPSO Partner.