SmartWAVe: Optimized energy consumption,
maximum wash quality

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IPSO soft-mount commercial washer equipped with the SmartWAVe technology

IPSO SmartWAVe takes your wash cycle to the next level of efficiency with its unique technology based on Water absorption Verification.

When it comes to cleaning, no two fabrics are created equal. IPSO’s SmartWAVe is the only technology on the market that truly takes that phrase to heart. Other manufacturers use an automatic weighing system to determine how much water should be used. The precision-engineered technology of SmartWAVe, based on Water absorption Verification, takes it one step further.

SmartWAVe determines automatically the absorption ability of the type and amount of linen at the start of the cycle and consequently adjusts the water levels in every segment of the wash program to the ideal amount accordingly.

  • Optimizes water consumption
  • Optimizes energy consumption
  • Optimizes detergent consumption
  • Optimizes time

SmartWAVe – Takes your wash cycle to the next level of efficiency

Your savings thanks to IPSO's SmartWAVe technology