Cutting-edge Laundry Technology

As a leading manufacturer, IPSO offers laundry technologies such as EVOLIS touch screen controls, Over-dry Prevention, ECOdry, etc.

Each technology is developed to produce the best industrial laundry equipment and services on the market, with the highest efficiency. Not only do we build the machines that our customers depend on, we develop complete solutions that focus on efficient use of water, energy and detergent to help control labour and utility costs.

Our smart Technologies help us achieve this for our customers:

  • Reduce your water, energy, and detergent cost
  • Enhance linen and fabric softness
  • Extend the life of your linens
  • Provide superior stain removal
  • Save time and minimise labour costs
  • Increase your productivity
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Improve your labour efficiency with better laundry ergonomics.
IPSO technology Evolis


New  control platform featuring enhanced customer experience & connectivity and data accessibility functionalities through cloud.

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IPSO CONNECT gives vended laundry owners a variety of features and functionalities to make remotely operating their business easier and more efficient.

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IPSO technology Smartwave


The absorption ability of the load is automatically determined at the start of the cycle, so water levels are optimized throughout the cycle.

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IPSO technology Aries


This user-friendly control allows the operator to see at a glance the temperature, stage and remaining wash cycle time.

IPSO technology Aries Elite

Aries Elite

Large display panel allowing every step of the washing cycle to be easily modified.

IPSO technology Aries assist

Aries Assist

Comprehensive laundry management software allows the user to remotely monitor and control every aspect of a laundry operation.

IPSO Technology Ecodry


Lower energy dryers offer about 5% savings each year and dry a little slower.

IPSO technology Overdry prevention

Overdry Prevention

Save a pile of money each year by eliminating over-drying and maximizing dryer throughput.

IPSO technology Smart Iron

Smart Iron

Our automatic humidity control and speed management system makes your ironing easier, faster and crisper.