As a leading innovative brand in the worldwide laundry industry, IPSO reaffirmed its leadership position with the launch of WASH IT, a digital laundromat solution available for most current IPSO vended products.

WASH IT gives laundromat investors and owners a variety of features and functionalities to make remotely operating their business easier and more efficient. The system provides user-friendly dashboards that offer real-time views of revenue, machine usage and a variety of other data points. Owners also can remote start their commercial and industrial washers and tumble dryers in the event of an issue, saving them a trip to the store to solve the customer problem.
This digital laundromat solution is a cornerstone to provide best-in-breed vended installations. IPSO understood a long time ago that the success formula of laundromats needs more than exceptional laundry performance, and perfect consumption control. It also needs to fully integrate the user experience to maximize the convenience of both the laundry owner and the user, to create a thriving business and not just a laundry installation.
One of the major advantages of the WASH IT system is its ease of installation and the fact that it can be configured on current IPSO machines with no need for immediate upgrade to new models. It also is compatible with most central payment systems and its connectivity can also enable owners to control cameras and lights. Ease extends to its operation, with at-a-glance reports of store activity. WASH IT is offered in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Polish and Czech.
WASH IT also comes with a customer app called Wash it by IPSO (available on Google Play and Apple Store), which allows vended laundry customers to check machine availability, select their wash and dry cycles and pay for their cycles from their mobile device (iOS and Android).