Commercial heat-pump Tumble Dryers

IPSO‘s commercial heat-pump tumble dryers save energy by reducing more than 60% air waste.

The IPSO IHP-range includes 5 models of heat-pump tumblers. This range decreases energy consumption by more than 60% because the waste air is reduced. The machine has less heat loss turning the laundry area into a more comfortable space to work in.

The IHP-line range of commercial heat-pump tumblers comes in capacities 9, 9,5 , 12,5 , 14,3 and 17,3 KG.

IPSO commercial heatpump tumble dryer


  • Stainless steel drum with large diameter
  • Easy-to-use microprocessor
  • Combination of radial and axial airflow concept
  • Maximal heat transfer
  • Low energy consumption
  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Self-cleaning lint screen


EASY control

Easy-to-use control offering 3 standard programmes with freely programmable temperature

FLEX control

Easy-to-use control offering 20 standard programmes with freely programmable temperature & cool down time

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