Semi-commercial top load Washers*

The perfect combination of performance and reliability, our semi-commercial and commercial top load washing machines deliver unmatched results and feature a rugged design that’s been trusted for decades

IPSO (semi-)commercial top load washers combine the commercial qualities of larger capacity, front serviceability and durability with the attractive styling, cycle selections and ease of use of commercial/manual control washers.

The commercial top load washer is available in capacity of 9,5 KG.

IPSO semi-commercial or commercial top load washing machine


  • Heavy-Duty Design: a galvanized steel frame is matched with heavy-duty mechanics like an all-metal transmission, stainless steel washtub and a commercial-grade cabinet finish for unmatched performance that lasts.
  • High extraction: the two-speed motor provides spin speeds up to 710 RPM for better, cleaner laundry.
  • Energy Efficient: compliant with U.S. Department of Energy water and energy standards for commercial washers, our Top Load Washers can significantly reduce your water and energy costs.
  • Curved, Four-Vane Agitator: delivers an industry-leading 210° agitation stroke for exceptional washing performance.
  • Coin-operated version available

*Please contact your local IPSO Partner for availability.